Reunion Planning Committee

Meet the Family Reunion Committee for 2018! You can email us at

Bishop George McIntyre (Chair)

Wildly entertaining, the "Bishop" serves as the leader-in-chief for the upcoming reunion. Everyone who knows him knows he is a handful but a whiz at organizing and is going to "get things together." George loves family and it shows.

Celina Stewart (Co-Chair)

The astute and resourceful organizer who helps the team bring all the brilliant ideas to life. Anyone who knows Celina, knows she loves family and organization is her middle name. She serves as negotiator and middlewoman between the millennial and our treasured seasoned family members.

Dawn Stewart (Co- Chair, Youth)

Always in a league of her own and an entrepreneur, Dawn is guiding all things involving the youth. She has a passion for teaching and entertaining and is thrilled to help organize some really fun things for the youth. Her goal: you gonna learn something and you'll walk away knowing the value of your family.

Mable McIntyre Stewart (Reunion Historian)

Everybody probably knows Mother Mable (as she is affectionately called at home). She is just oozing with knowledge about the family and truly enjoys sharing her wisdom and family information with the next generation. You can thank her for some awesome trivia questions.

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